Shaklee ¡La compañía de nutrición,belleza y salud natural número uno en E.U.! The number one natural nutrition,beauty and health company in the U.S.!

Hola and Welcome!

We are Francisco & Candy Duarte
Shaklee Products Independent Distribuitors

Francisco, a Network marketer, Internet enthusiastic and Husband.

I have been working in the tourism industry for nearly 30 years now, I enjoy being in contact with people visiting my hometown from all over the world, I also enjoy network marketing and I dabble in web design from time to time.   I like the freedom to choose the things in life that excite me, and to follow those passions.  I'm the guy that answers the phone, helps with the day to day operations, and promotion of our Shaklee business.

I enjoy working from home and spending more time with family and friends. There's plenty to do around the house and sometimes it's hard to keep up with the kids, dogs, cats and chickens. We like going out with friends and spending our time at the beach, in the surrounding mountains and at the Sinaloan coast there’s plenty of scenery and fun things to do here.

Candy, Booking Agent at one of the best beach resorts in sunny Mazatlan.

I enjoy working at the best resort here in Mazatlan, I like being able to do my part by helping people to booking their vacations and holidays with us!

Aside from my regular job, I’ve been working part time with my husband from home building our Shaklee business it's a family team effort and that has been a lot of fun. And we've felt great since we have been taking our vitamins and using the Shaklee products. My husband and I are very pleased with the products and feel we made a good choice to do this as a business. I can truly say as small business owners we really do appreciate every Shaklee customer and we're committed to providing you the best value and service possible.

My husband and I have been married for 25 years, we have three children and the best part is that we have so much fun together.

¡Hola y Bienvenidos!

Somos Francisco & Candy
Distribuidores Independientes de Productos Shaklee

Hemos escogido distribuir los productos Shaklee, nuestro fabricante (desde 1956) que comparte nuestros valores y con el cual mantenemos una orgullosa alianza.

Al ser la empresa de belleza, salud y nutrición natural número uno en Estados Unidos, de ésta manera podemos estar alejados lo más posible de medicamentos con efectos secundarios, desafíos actuales y problemas futuros para nuestra salud.

Shaklee continua investigando y desarrollando desde 1956 programas de apoyo nutricional efectivos y seguros en diferentes areas para niños y adultos saludables, deportistas de máximo desempeño,  perder peso de manera segura, aumentar defensas, calmar el dolor, en fin...

No dude en llamarnos, en México celulares: 669 145 5582 o 669 150 5472.

Desde Estados Unidos y Canada: 1 562 333 8760 (de 9:00 am a 5:00 pm) estamos para servirle.

El invento totalmente revolucionario para un envejecimiento no tan prematuro.

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